Why the Need of Another Indian Matrimony Website | Maangu.com

What problems we noticed:

Matrimonial websites offer free memberships which eventually makes their website a database of junk members. First, “Not serious members” also create their profile. Second, free member profiles forever exist in the website. Third, free members rarely realize their profile exists in a website because they almost never check it. Fourth, as email addresses keep changing, free members don’t realize that their profile exist. This leads to paid premium members often messaging free junk members who themselves don’t know their profile exist. As such, premium members are at disadvantage because they pay in hopes of getting serious marriage alliances but they end up contacting and expressing interests in several junk members. These junk members may have also been married long ago because they don’t come back on the website to update their status or remove profile.

Matrimony websites are often full with sexual predators, molesters and criminals. Members don’t know who or how many members are interested in another member. It’s ridiculously expensive. They have limitations such as how many members could be contacted in a plan. The ability of family members to create profile creates redundancy and also a serious issue. The candidate may not be serious about getting married. In addition, several family members have often created a profile for one candidate resulting in multiple profiles.

 How Meribahu solves the epidemic in the online matrimonial world?

 Meribahu.com does not offer free memberships. Because of this minimal payment, “not serious members” would not pay and hence would not be able to create a profile in Meribahu. Meribahu member profiles are put into “not active” mode once the monthly subscription expires which helps an actively looking member not waste time contacting a “not active member”. This enhances the overall quality of the members on the website. In addition, members know who or how many members are interested in each member. Pricing is affordable in all geographies. The website can be used on an unlimited basis. There is no long term contract. So, if you get married, you don’t have to pay for another month as you can cancel your membership the same month.

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