Find, Meet & Marry Someone This Year – Best Wishes for Hindu New Year Bikram Samvat 2073

We are delighted to extend our best wishes to global Hindus who follow Hindu Calendar. Well, if you don’t know what that is, ask your “Pandit”. He will tell you when you can get married and when you cannot. All astrological prediction and whether you are Mangalik or not. (More on this sometime later).

Well, for the summary, it’s the old calendar that Hindus follow. In modern days, Nepal is the only country in the world that follows Hindu calendar officially (perhaps because it was never ruled by British).

The calendar shows that there are plenty of good dates for wedding. So why not you jump in and find the partner that you can spend your life it. ¬†Trust us, it’s amazing to be married!

Old style matrimony is boring. Maangu brings you the experience that you need these days.

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