Ten Years from Today, What Will You Tell Your Kids Where You Met?

If you are considering getting married now, most likely, you would be married in ten years when you would have kids who might ask one day “Mom/Dad, where did you guys meet?” The pairs who met on Maangu could proudly say that they met on Maangu. What about you?

Do you want to become a part of Maangu journey? Maangu is changing the way Indian men and women meet, interact, engage in a relationship and get married – yet preserving the Indian values. Maangu gives an opportunity not only to you or your parents, but also the potential partner, her/his parents to come together as one family and move forward.

We don’t believe in the dogma where the ugliest guys get hundreds of offers and finest girl not even zero because of the perceived supply/demand problem. In reality, there is no problem with supply and demand. Gender distribution wise, Indian population is pretty balanced.  So, why not men also compete for the girls as opposed to the present dogma of girls’ parents chasing and begging several men’s parents?

It’s a fair game. Just because you are male (and ugly as hell), females should not chase you.

Ten years from now, tell your kids proudly that you guys met on Maangu – the game changer in ridiculously “traditionally-blind” process of finding grooms or brides in Indian culture.

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Lesser Wedding Dates in 2016 |Maangu

Twenty Sixteen has got lesser wedding dates as compared to other years. Normally a year has about Ninety wedding dates but this year has only Sixty plus wedding dates. More booking for venues, caterers, Sound, Light, DJ and fireworks on a specific date has caused some problems for the concerned people. While on the other hand venue  organizers have been taking benefit of this opportunity, by increasing charges. Luxury buses, Cars, Decorators and photographers are being booked many months earlier at higher charges.

But this traditional concept doesn’t seem to effect modern and young groups in city. Everyday there happens a wedding in cities even in those periods when the marriage is completely restricted. So technically those people who are solely dependent on the dates specified by astrologers for the wedding or rituals to happen would be mostly a victim of all the created crisis and price increase in management of function.

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Matrimonial websites and Indian wedding| Maangu

Race of matrimonial websites in India growing like mushroom has offered so many things but not fully. Existing matrimony websites in India have tried to fill a gap with technology in matrimony space. But unfortunately have not fairly responded to the growing needs of targeted group, rather than aroused them with more needs and left them in gaps. Indian community is full of  traditions like Manga Dosh, KalSharp yoga, Horoscope matching etc. So in order to get rid of traditional way of finding a match for son and daughter, Indian people started seeking help of technology in matrimony space, but prevailing matrimony websites left them in more trouble and dilemma.

Maangu, the newly emerged fastest growing matrimony website, has  addressed all the demands of consumers in matrimony space. Maangu has tied a knot of traditional social matrimony with recent advancements in technology. Qualities seeking by one against the qualities possessed by other are being matched and compared numerically. Grandma’s match meter is one of the fabulous features at, besides many other features of showing interest and sending a text message. Most important is Maangu has only genuine members in their platform and profiles are being created by the user themselves, not by their relatives like other major Indian Matrimony websites do have.

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If winter comes,can spring be far behind

There is always a regular cyclic order in nature.sunrise and sunset,day and night,winter and summer,autumn and spring,growth and decay regularly follow each is there a regular cyclic order in human life and fortunes ,joy and sorrow,rise and fall,success and failure,fortune and misfortune,birth and death successively follow each other.there cannot be permanent winter,as there cannot be a permanent spring,so,in life there cannot be a permanent period of misfortunes as there cannot be a permanent period of man should have faith in the moral order of god.

winter  No period of depression and misfortunes of failure and frustration,of sorrow and suffering can ever be a permanent phase of life.

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Value of Mental Attitude

One’s mental attitude plays a very important role in one’s life and career.

Your mental attitude is a great determining influence in your daily life.Begin the day with an expectant and energetic mental attitude towards your work and It will elevate and enhance all your activities.when you are in the right mental attitude many things will seem to conspire and co-operate to advance your work and interests.primarily it is your mental attitude that makes the day happy and productive.

postive attitude

So, A Strong Positive Mental Attitude Will Create More Miracles Than Any Wonder Drug.This attitude will change the entire complexion of life and make one more active,assertive and successful.

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Meaning of Marriage

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times. Always with the same person”

 Marriage creates new social relationships and reciprocal rights between the spouses.

                                 some tips for successfull marriage:

1)Neglect the whole world rather then each other. (2)  Never  both be angry at the same time.                                               3)when you have done something wrong,be ready to admit it and ask for forgiveness.                                                               4)Never bring up mistakes of past.



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  “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016”  FROM MAANGU MATRIMONY !!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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